Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Border Collie Training Videos

Training with Ali.

Training is always something Ali and I work on. No matter what we are doing I always incorporate reinforcement of the commands she already knows. Practice makes perfect.

Ali comes from a line of working dogs but she is not used for work (herding) as I have no need of this skill. The commands I use with her are not traditional herding / sheep dog commands. Due to the unique characteristics of the breed though the commands seem secondary to her instinct of knowing what to do.

The intelligence of a Border Collie also means they are easily able to learn, understand and perform many things other than just herding animals.

Border Collie Laying In The Grass.

Off Leash Walking In The City.

We spend a lot of time in the city and I prefer not to always have Ali on a leash. A Border Collie just seems happier when given the freedom to walk at their own pace. Ali knows the leash and is great on it but I can see the excitement in her eyes when I take it off her.

I have taught her to walk in the city. To wait for me of she gets too far ahead and to stop at corners until she is told to cross. As you can see in this short video.

Up & Off.

Up & off are commands we work on for fun. This kind of work (fun) is easy with a Border Collie as these dogs are well suited for agility sports.

In this video we were working on her commands with some other dogs around. I like work with Ali with distractions around at times to help her learn to keep her focus on me. The other dogs in the video are dogs of Ridge Rescue, waiting to find their forever homes.

A Picture Montage.

This last video is a montage of pictures of Ali. Something I put together to capture some of great fun we have together.

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