Monday, February 9, 2015

Agility & Your Border Collie

Agility & A Border Collie.

Dog agility is a very popular sport on a competitive level. A quick search on Google or YouTube will give you an idea of just how popular it is.

Another thing you are likely to find is that certain breeds tend to excel at this sport. It is no surprise to me that a Border Collie falls into this category. Their athletic abilities, intelligence and skill at working with their master from a distance makes them perfectly suited for the sport.

A Border Collie showing agility jumping from barrel to barrel.

The Benefits Of Agility Training.

Reaching the competitive levels of the sport requires a great deal of hard work, patience and commitment. Of course the rewards are worth it.

Agility training for your dog comes with many benefits. You do not have to be at the professional level to experience these either.

The strengthening of the bond between you and your dog alone is worth it. It also provides your dog with an incredible mental and physical workout. Mental stimulation for a Border Collie is particularly important.

Agility & Ali.

As I said, one does not have to be at the professional level to enjoy the fun and benefits of the sport. I have not focused on training Ali specifically for the sport. I do however partake in her ability to perform many of the tasks and tricks. I take advantage of things while we are out on adventures.

Playgrounds seem like they were built for the sport. While I know this is not true, and I made sure the park was empty, it did prove as a good chance to see how easily Ali understands what I am asking of her.

This second video was something we came across on our walk and I decided to see if Ali would pick up on what I wanted. She did, and she outsmarted me as well.

Agility is easily in Ali's blood and is something I plan to work on with her. Always keep in mind the safety of your dog. If Ali shows hesitation to anything I do not force it on her.

I would love to hear about your experiences with agility training so feel free to leave us a comment and link to anything you have to share. You might also be interested in other training Ali and I work on, I have taught her to be a responsible city walker off leash.

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