Friday, August 14, 2015

Hot Weather Tips For Your Border Collie & You

Woof, woof, from me and my human. It's been a while. I am happy to tell you all that I have successfully become a well trained, well adjusted city dog.

My human's new job has him working 10 hours a day, during which time I am kenneled. Trust me though, this isn't a bad thing, in fact it is the safest place for me. When he says, "Time to go.", I willingly go to my kennel on my own.

Spring went by so fast and summer is almost over! We have had record breaking temperatures this year, with 23 days so far being +30° C or higher! Yesterday hit +38° C! Unless you are from a desert area you'd have to agree that is hot!

Speaking of hot weather I have some tips for you and your human.

A Border Collie sitting, wearing a bandana.

Water, water and more water

I can't stress this enough! I get thirsty out there. I am happy my human never forgets to bring water for me. Whether your playing or just going for a walk it doesn't take long to get dehydrated in the heat. Especially with a coat like mine. Make sure your human brings water for your trip. There are some fancy options out there like this bottle with a fold out tray or this fold up ziplock bowl.

Picture of a dog water bottle and water bowl.

Of course just a bottle and a hand to drink from is all you really need. And if your lucky your trip might include going somewhere for a swim! Even I have been known to enjoy a little swim on these hot days.

Picture of a Border Collie after a swim.

Watch & Check Our Paws

As the mercury rises the surfaces we walk on can become extremely hot, to the point of burning and blistering the pads of our paws and toes! Keep an eye on us and we will let you know if things are uncomfortable for us.

If we are always making a break for the grass or shady areas, holding our feet up or limping these are signs that the surface we are on is likely hot.

Some simple solutions are to try and take us where the grass or shaded areas are. Let us cool our paws off if there is water nearby. I have also seen some humans put booties on their canine friends. My human knows I wouldn't be caught dead in those though, fortunately I have durable paws and have not had the discomfort of burning them.

These are precautions to avoid the problem, however if your canine has burned their paws then added measures will have to be taken. Depending on the severity a visit to the vet might be required.

A Border Collie standing on a big rock.

Less Duration, More Frequency

On really hot days your human may have to decrease the amount of time spent out in the heat, walking or playing, but increase the frequency of going out.

When my human takes me out for ball time I easily forget how hot it is outside. Lucky for me he doesn't, our play sessions are shorter, with lots of water and more break periods to cool down. The upside is that we go out to play more often.

Humans can be busy animals so sometimes more trips outside are not possible. Just remember to use caution in the heat, watch for the signs we give you that we are getting hot and need to cool down. Heavy panting, laying or rolling in the grass, these are some of the things we will do when we need to rest and cool off.

Two Border collies laying in the grass.

Hopefully this helps you to enjoy your summer without causing any problems or distress for your four legged friend.

Remember to get out there and have fun!

Ali :)

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