About Border Collie Corner

About Me:

Border Collie Corner was started out of love for my Border Collie, Ali.

It is a place to share stories, tips and advice. While it might be geared towards the love of one breed most things will often apply to dogs of all breeds.

About Ali:

Ali is a 2½ year old, purebred, Border Collie. She was adopted from Ridge Rescue Society. She entered rescue at 8 months of age when her owners surrendered her. You can read her rescue story here. There was nothing wrong with Ali other than the fact that she was not being given the love and attention any dog requires. She I a faithful friend, loving family member and an incredibly intelligent girl.

A rescued Border Collie, Ali.

Our Values:

We believe in supporting shelters and rescue organizations in order to help control the unwanted pet population. We believe responsible pet ownership should be encouraged, promoted and supported. A pet is a family member and should be treated as such.

We do not condone puppy mills or any breeding of ill repute. Animals are living beings and their lives have value, they are not items to be sold simply for money.

If you found our page then I assume you share our values. We hope you enjoy what you find here and keep coming back.

Irwin McNeely - Site Owner
Ali - Site Inspiration & best friend

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