Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rescue Dogs: Ali's Tail

My Name Is Ali & I Want To Tell You About Rescue Dogs.

I am a 2½ year old, purebred border collie. I come from a line of working dogs, bred to love, respect and help my human work. This is the life I want to live.

Humans Can Be Cruel.

I was purchased by a human for working purposes. My human lived on a cattle farm. Life was going to be good for me! I don't know what I did wrong or when I did it. I must have done something though. The first 8 months of my life was spent in a quonset outside. I did not get to work. I did not get to do the things I was born to do. I did not get to do much of anything.

Idle Paws Do The Devil's Work.

I was bored, really bored. I chewed things, lots of things. Tractor seats are fun to chew when you're bored. Maybe that is what I did wrong? My human was not happy with me.

My human was giving me away, to another human.

Ali, a rescue dog, border collie breed
Living the good life.

I Was Scared And Confused.

I did not know at the time but this human was from Ridge Rescue Society. I did not know what was going on, I had lost my trust in these humans. I bit her. Actually I bit her many times during the journey she took me on.

Where was I going? What was happening?

Something Was Different Here.

She took me into the place where the humans stay. This place had many dogs and more humans. I was terrified, so many new smells and sounds. Then I saw him. There was something about that human. I knew he was a good human, I could smell it.

I was not afraid of him. I let him touch me when he said my name, I even let him put something around my neck. I didn't bite him.

Ali, a rescue dog, border collie breed
I get all the love & attention I need now!

All We Need Is A Little Love.

I quickly learned that this was a good place. I learned that these humans were good. I got to play with other dogs, go outside, sleep where it was warm. I was getting lots of attention, which I really like. I felt bad for biting her so many times. I now know she is a kind soul and not like my other human.

Finally I felt like a dog again, life was good!

I had already chosen my human though. He adopted me. I now live a good life and get all the love and attention that I need. I get exercise every day, I get to learn new things all the time! I am never bored now. Best of all, through all of this, I learned that not all humans are bad. I can trust humans and I do not have to be scared all the time.

Adopt, Don't Shop.

My story ended with a happy tail. Not all dogs have found their happy tail yet. I had to leave many friends behind (I get to visit them often though!) when I was adopted. They are all wonderful dogs that just want the chance to live a happy life.

3 rescue dogs playing fetch
Me & a couple of my rescue friends playing.

If I could tell you one thing it would be this. If you are thinking about getting a dog make sure you have the time for a dog. Research the breed you want so you know all about the dog and are sure it is the right dog for you.

When you are ready for a dog consider rescue dogs. There are so many great dogs out there waiting to find their forever home! Adopting saves lives.

My name is Ali, I am a rescue dog.

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