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5 Reasons You Should Adopt A Dog

5 Reasons To Adopt A Dog.

When considering getting a dog people often overlook the adoption option. There are a lot of misconceptions about adopting a dog. Here are 5 reasons you should consider adopting a dog.

  1. Saving A Life
  2. Help Reduce The Unwanted Pet Population
  3. Saving Yourself Money
  4. Don't Support Puppy Mills
  5. Make A Friend For Life

Rescue dogs playing in the river.
Adopting a dog is a great option!

Saving A Life.

Adopting a dog could be the difference between life and death for that dog. The statistics are higher than you might think.

In 2013, in Canada 8000 dogs taken into shelters were euthanized. These statistics are for humane societies and SPCAs only. They are based on the 52% that responsed to the survey sent out during 2014. Adopting a dog can certainly save a life.

It also brings me to my second reason.

Help Reduce The Unwanted Pet Population.

In 2013 Canadian shelters took in over 46000 dogs. This is staggering amount. Above I mentioned 8000 of those dogs were euthanized. It is not all bleak news though.

That number amounts to 16% of the dogs taken in. 25% were returned to their guardians. An astounding 45% were adopted.

The remaining percentages were comprised of dogs that were transferred or remained in the shelter. Your adoption can, and does, help control the unwanted pet population.

Border Collie dog, laying on grass. An adoption success story.
An adoption success story!

Saving Yourself Money.

Many people say, "Why would I pay for a lost dog, a stray or a dog from a shelter?" They fail to understand that adopting a dog often costs less in the long run.

Most shelters and reputable rescues spay and neuter dogs when they come in. They also make sure their vaccinations are current and take care of any immediate medical attention the dogs might require.

This is not always true when buying a dog from a store or a breeder. I say not always because this is a controversial subject and there are many reputable stores and breeders that do ensure the good health of their dogs. However while they might ensure the health of the dogs they usually do not alter them. This does not help reduce the unwanted pet population nor does it promote responsible pet ownership.

In the end the adoption fee is likely the only cost you have to cover for the first year of owning your dog, barring any unforeseen incidents.

Don't Support Puppy Mills.

Sadly while there are many trusted sources for buying a dog there are also many of the puppy mill variety. These are situations where the health of the dog, the home it is placed in and the general well being of the dog and family come secondary to money.

This is something no caring pet owner or animal lover would want to support. The fact is you do not always know what conditions the dog you are buying is coming from.

Many rescues, like Ridge Rescue, go out of their way to ensure the dog you are adopting is the right fit for you and your family and that you are the right fit for the dog. This includes meet & greet visits to introduce the dog and family. Follow up visits and assistance with any issues that arise during the transition period.

Not supporting puppy mills and the extended support you can receive are both excellent reasons to choose the adoption option.

Make A Friend For Life.

I should have put this point first. The dog you adopt, the life you save, is going to become part of your family.

With my sister running an animal rescue I get a lot of exposure to dogs (she rescues cats and horses as well) and I can honestly say they are some of the best dogs I have met. They have different stories but they all have one thing in common. They are looking for their forever home, they want to be a loving and contributing member of a family.

Border Collie laying in the sun. An adopted dog.
Ali, my best friend!

If you missed it read Ali's rescue story.

If you're looking for a dog I highly suggest adopting as an option. With a quick search you should be able to find shelters and rescues in your area.

I like to think I adopted Ali but the truth is I think she had already adopted me the first time we met.

This article also applies if you are looking to add a cat to your family. The statistics for cats are roughly double that of dogs.

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